The Supercar Central Instagram (@_supercar.central_) was established in February of 2016 with a goal to provide a small audience with a convenient compilation of automotive content from around the internet. After only a few short months, the account grew by the hundreds and earned respect from the supercar community around Instagram. With help from some friends and countless hours of producing content, the Supercar Central name became a staple of the Instagram car community.

     After beginning to attend automotive events around the United States, Supercar Central began to include self-produced content as well as automotive news and updates. By taking photos as a hobby, the Supercar Central page was transformed into a documentation of the crazy cars encountered over the years such as the Koenigsegg One:1 and the Lamborghini Veneno.

     Today, Supercar Central offers a mix of daily automotive media on Instagram. From news to self taken photos and videos, you are sure to find yourself engaged in the crazy world of supercars!

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